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Spooktober 2020 #4 - BIO_ Leech

BIO_ Leech: A biohacker that can drain excess BIO_ from a user's COFFIN_. Once a connection is established (usually through injecting a virus into the HEART_'s coffin connection), the Leech can override some basic motor and brain functions to their victims. The Linked are generally ignored, used to generate and purchase more BIO_ for the Leech.

They tend to congregate in Hacker-Covens, ritual and technology meshing poorly in the lower depths of Stations. Most are corporate types, using their position access coffin connections manually. The potential for free labor is a plus too.

Ignore the lisp from their cyber-modded canines. They're sensitive about that.

BIO_LEECH: 2 Hits. Drain BIO_ with touch. Link COFFIN_ to their own. Control the Linked