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Spooktober 2020 #14 - Mutants and Synths

Mutants: After a certain point, excessive use of Bio-mods or mutations leads to passing the point where one is no longer recognizable as human. Dubbed Mutants by the general populace, there are no two who are alike (even though they're based on clones): ranging from roided-up gym hulks to crab handed two-headed baristas. They prefer the terms Enhanced or Post-Humans. Tolerate being called Mutes or Muties.

Mutants: 2 Hits. +1 to resist radiation, durable

Synths: The same as mutants, but nearly all organic matter has been replaced with cybernetics. Totally haven't lost their humanity to cold, cold logic. Can be very dangerous when wrapped up in synthetic skin. Also prefer being called Enhanced or Post-Humans. Generally they skimp on the empathy modules.

Synths: 2 Hits. +1 to interact w/ electronics, wicked fast reflexes

For people off the center of the spectrum of mutant to synth, but leaning one way or the other:

Bio-mod users are often called Biotics

Cybernetic users are called Cyborgs (duh!)