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GLOGSTAR: Ships from Beyond the Rim

Yes, this is an old idea. First we had Spaceships as GLoG classes! And then there were more spaceships

And missions for:

The Interstellar Regime

The Plucky Rebels

The Pirates of the Grim Warlord

Here are 2 more ships to add to your fleets. As always with the glog, multi-classing is encouraged!

Ironclad Support Ship (a non-magic cleric/support-type)

A: Flag Nexus: You may not be the flagship, or anything resembling a capital ship, but you are the nexus, relaying orders between ships and providing support. Allied starships get an extra save against Morale checks while in your presence.

A: Replenishment: You are designed to carry large stores of fuel, ammo, air, and rations. For each slot of supplies, when giving slots of supply to docked allies, you may roll usage dice 2x and take the better result. Additionally you may restock allies in combat, transferring a slot a turn in addition your normal actions.

B: Jury-rigged Supplies: You can build tech for half the cost/materials it would normally take, but it’ll break the first time it fails. With double funding you can make even single use equipment/upgrades multiple use (but subject to ammo rolls)

C: Repair Teams: You may dock alongside an allied ship and provide damage support, restoring 1d6 HP. You can do this up to your level in Auxillary Ship. You regain charges when you dock at a port. Additionally you may transfer an extra supply per turn when using one of your repair teams.
C: Debris Cloud: You can eject a slot of anything on board to obscure vision, blocking line of sight to anyone on either side of it.

D: Quantum Predictions: You've installed a predictive computer that can process battlefield outcomes in your favor. Once per Cycle (battle/day/week/whatever), you can choose any roll made by an ally and have it be rerolled. You pick which result is used.

Pirate Converted Freighter (something like a a barbarian)

A: Harpoons: You may make an attack with disadvantage. On a success, you harpoon the target, immobilizing them against your hull. You may both still attack, just not each other. At the end of each of their turns they may save to cut themselves loose.

A: Bulwark: You can protect allied ships from incoming fire. You can shield them if your armor is greater than theirs. You use the worse saves and armor for rolls, and take all damage directed at them yourself. If they miss you may immediately make an unarmed (light attack) against them

B: Ram: You can slam into things for 1d8 damage to both you and your target. If you were travelling at full thrust, you immoblize them as well, they must save to break free. You may continue to make attacks against them, though they can't attack you intil they break free.

C: Flower of Carnage: You may destroy a system (weapons, propulsion, jump drive, etc.) for twice its maximum effect (deal max damage, move twice as far, etc.)

D: Pass the Aux: This ship is legendary, they tell stories about it to hushed crowds of pilots. Professional spacers have your poster hanging in their locker. You may designate a theme song. When you play it in battle enemies will morale check every round as you blast it on every available comm band. This makes communication between anyone two ships on the battlefield, your allies included, impossible.