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Spooktober 2020 #23 - FRIEND Requests

FRIEND knows. Do as FRIEND asks.

Dial the number when it is done.

01.     Feed each package to this tiger every hour.

02.     Look after a large package. Do not open it.

03.     Start a fire in this cave. If a man arrives, do not let the light go out.

04.     For the next week, watch this address. Don't be seen.

05.     Go to this apartment and spend the night. Don't re-open the front door until the morning.

06.     Deliver this letter to a woman in a red dress. Do not speak to the deliveree.

07.     Get the DJ to play this .mp4 at a nightclub. Wear earplugs.

08.     Read and sign a copy of this form once an hour for the next 8 hours.

09.     Go to this point and read this script.

10.     Drive this truck down this road. Do not stop for anything.

11.     Pick up a package from this address and leave it at the second station you pass.

12.     Just knock at the door and walk away.