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Spooktober 2020 #7 - Voidoo and Mystics

Rarely found on the Outer Reaches, hated by the Corps. Garbed in black (sometimes), they are curators of knowledge.

Known as witches, necromancers, hags, and any number of names to the civilized folk of the Central Stations. The Mystics will insist they are women of science, following the natural world to its final conclusion. Most on the Outer Reach know of a Mystic or someone who knows one.

If you can find them, isolated from most others, and few in number; mystics are useful allies, capable of the following for strange payments:

  • Summoning of ancient spirits
  • Crystals!
  • Binding of the dead?
  • Traditional Earth Medicine (Oils, crystals, molds) to cure a variety of ailments 
  • Potions! (the best coffee too)
  • They know the Kandarian Zodiac and the hidden Sixth Zodiac needed to discern accurate fortunes
  • Extracting memories from the skulls of the dead
  • Hexes! 
  • Deals with the devil?
  • At least one scientific discipline (Biology, Physics, Pathology, Chemistry, Geology, Botany)
  • Meditation!
  • Hate it when you ask for a voodoo doll (they know how to, just hate the stereotype)

They engage in strange habits, tattoo themselves in occult symbols, eschew cyber-mods, and each seems to have a different skill set from the others.