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Spooktober 2020 #15 - Sapient Green

"Not to be confused with Sealant Green, Slalom Greens, or Salmon Green. These are registered trademarks of GRN and do not reflect the seditious, and frankly ridiculous idea of GRN creating Sapient Green as a means of reusing the dead.

Continued comparison will be met with direct legal and/or Authority action.

Enjoy our wide variety of products. And remember, Eat your Greens!" 

- GRN press release circa Quarter 214

A mass of opaque green sludge. Moves slowly, but absorbs organic material in its path. Adds absorbed intelligence to its own. Gets larger as it eats, then splits. Composite of all intelligence that it has absorbed. Eating parts of it (don't eat it raw!) reportedly can add new information to your mind or temporarily increase intelligence.

Sapient Green: 8 hits. Splits, 1/2 Hits for each. As a standard ooze, but gains 1 hit for each body consumed.