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Quick 2d6 system

To get the brain juice flowing: a quick little (theoretical) 2d6 system.

Roll 2d6:

2x 1 = No, and

1x 1 = No

1x 6 = Yes

2x 6 = Yes, and

Anything else (depending on total?) = Yes, but / No, but

Extinction - a poem

Along comes the rider /
Pale, on smoky serpent's back /
Breath but a whisper:

Last gasp, my first breath /
Raging at the dying earth /
As she starves to death

First of victims fold /
Warm bodies spread the dread plague /
And they burn the cold

Gamma ray flashes /
Of grey mushroom clouds on high /
Charred concrete ashes

Mournful songs from seers /
Three thousand years of plastic /
Wrought by engineers

Great Apophis comes /
Holy fact of gravity /
Atlas first succumbs

Peer beyond the veil /
Why does dear Death fear dying? /
Heart on sinful scale

Become extinction: /
Culture's last taboo /
The world is always ending /
What comes after you?