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Psuedo-FKR stats & attributes

Man staring off into the distance
Rubicone, N Kayurova on Artstation


I've been searching for a good way to convey attributes in a way that doesn't require numbers for TARGE (name pending), my little FKR hack. I know it kinda goes against the feeling of playing worlds, but I think I've stumbled across a pretty good way to handle it.

Each character, in addition to their Name, Stamina (hits), and Skills; has positive and negative Qualities (or attributes, I'm still playing with the terminology). These grant +1 on a 2d6 roll when it benefits the player and -1 when it gets in the way. Probably gain more through play as the character gets uncovered.

So a character with greedy gets +1 to steal, horde, or acquire more gold; and -1 when they are being charitable.

It isn't a perfect system, like a strong player gets +1 to bend bars lift gates, etc., but -1 to be gentle/delicate? I think the rewards for roleplaying the 'flaws' a character might have in addition to their strengths outweigh the more interesting results that might come up.