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Pidgin Adventures: Skysail (spy-fi/mothership)

Inspired/stolen from the 007 book Moonraker by Ian Fleming:

A new weapon test is being conducted in a week's time. It has been greenlit by the company's board, been under construction for the past 3 years, and is funded externally by the enigmatic but popular CEO Hanna Abraxas.

The science and engineering team is made up of citizens 'liberated' from soviet hab-stations.

External threats to the security of the Weapon Project have been dealt with before they become an issue. However the Company's agent on the inside has just been killed by one of the engineering team. All details of the murder suicide have been classified to the highest level.

The weapon: Designed to fit a high yield nuclear warhead. Launched through warpspace it is capable of bypassing all known armor, shields, and point defense before emerging at its dedicated homing beacon. Must be launched in the correct direction to detect the thin band of the homing beacon.

The Research Station: A week out from the Company's HQ at Skysail Station. Built around a central firing tube, much like an old school missile silo.
    1. residences
    2. atrium and blast curtain and life support
    3. security + docks + security barracks
    4. offices and engineer barracks
    5. engineering floor + firing tube access
    6. material storage
    7. mainframe access + heat vents

Skysail Station: Population: ~8,278,000. Home of the Spearhead Club, a highly exclusive private gambling establishment for those who can flash enough cash to be granted an entrace interview. Site of the Company's HQ. Home for most of the Company's employees on the research station.

Referee Notes: In secret a homing device has been setup within the Company's HQ station, which will result in the deaths of everyone onboard. This homing device has been stolen from the real target, an insignificant ex-mining asteroid called Raft.

Hanna has hidden a stealth capable ship just below the firing tube of the research station. Her escape plan for the launch, along with her team.


Hanna Abraxas (Roksana Zakhaev)
        Commanding voice. Imposing presence. Laughs like a hyena. Built like a bear. Quite the temper. A well-loved CEO of a Resource Extraction, Refinery, and Trading house: Abraxas Industries. Has received countless social acolades. Hit by a shell during the war. Amnesia, can't remember life before the impact. Bad scars. Proud to serve her country. Frequents a private gambling establishment on HQ. She's been on a hot streak.

        Led a commando squad under the soviets. Was wounded while under cover, mistaken for a Corporate soldier. Built a business with the injury money, later recruited 'defectors' to her cause. Hates the Company, wants to burn it to the ground. Has replaced the sensor instruments with a live warhead. Will short the market on the Company's stocks the day before the launch and make a massive profit. Is an increasingly paranoid narcissist with a savior complex and persecution complex. She cheats when she gambles.

Katya Morozov (codenamed "Blizzard")
        Abraxas' right hand lady. Acts like a sniveling wimp. Manages the Residence. Sneaks around the residence and goes through people's bags when they're away. A former commando and head of 'information extraction' and execution on Abraxas' team during the war. Iron willed. She likes hurting people. A lot.

Doctor Egor Balandin
        Very heavy accent. Speaks exclusively in technical terms. Eyes filled with blame and condescension. Worries about details constantly. He is the brains behind the Project, responsible for the technical designs and leading the science team. 

Alexander Vivian
        Abraxas' secretary and assistant. Quite an attractive young man. Supposedly undercover for the secret police. Keeps this hidden. Has been feeding info back to the Company. Supposedly trustworthy. May have been directly involved in the murder of Mason and the suicide of Gorky. Engagement ring on his finger. Gifted at numbers, handles most calculations in his head.

Stanislav Gorky
        Former scientist. Murdered Mason before committing suicide. Supposedly was spurned by Alexander Vivian 

"Bill" Mason
        Formerly the man on the inside. Killed by Gorky for stealing away his love. There is no evidence to support this. Well-liked by his peers. Bit of a boozer but only in his time off. Love of birdwatching.