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Spooktober 2020 #13 - CHIMERA Project

"Word on the street is Corporate's been experimenting with making their enforcers nigh impossible to kill. 12 HEARTS_, quadruple redundant organs, and a robotic brain hooked up the HEART_. The boys are worried that they might've thrown laser eyes in there too. Not sure why they're worried about that, but it'd be bad right?"

CHIMERAs are bad news. A proposed follow-up to the successful JUGGERNAUT Program (elite soldiers hooked up to synthetic BIO_ supply with an extra set of organs and 2 HEARTS_ [to support the extra organ regeneration]). CHIMERAs link up to this, but have custom built bodies loaded with extra and redundant organs, including multiple lungs, hearts, and additional layered muscles.

While technically synthetic, their brain allows them to transfer between custom sleeves. A custom HEART_ wraps around their spine, multiple HEARTS_ linked together and designed to protect the neural pathways used for psionic use. Coupled with Bio-mods designed for regeneration, they are near unstoppable.

The nature of their robotic brain enables them to swap between rig-bodies depending on the job.

While nearly prohibitively resource expensive, there is at least one active CHIMERA. An assassin of legendary status, only a few have seen the aftermath of its kills. 

The CHIMERA: ? Hits. Can Regenerate, Swap Bodies to change Stats and Cyber-mods, Psionic, Slavishly devoted to the Mission, Laser Eyes?