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Spooktober 2020 #28 - Brain Cases

 The following is an excerpt from the radical thoughts and digital journal of Doctor Forbi Frey, MMD, PhD, Esq. 

While digital uploading of the mind has proven to be nigh impossible under most circumstances, it is still possible to transfer the human brain into an enclosure to grant the same degree of thought that was once had, while offering a degree of lifespan longevity.

The following process was invented as a means to avoid Bit Rot and the brutality of Binary Sickness that has affected all cases of brain transfers to this date.

The brain is preserved into a vat of intelligence enhancing drugs, ground opals, carbonated water, and food dye no2. While not a permanent solution (lack of external stimuli and a body lead to delusions, paranoia, and moderate to severe ongoing mental distress and hysteria).

However this process--invented by the esteemed Lich-Doctor Chamson before her disappearance--has had the unintended side effect of increasing psionic powers to some degree, especially in those with mentally implanted SPELL Amps.

A brain in a jar
Wizards of the Coast

When combined with the latest developments in automated body recovery suits, psionic harmonizers, energy focuses, and a sonic emitters, it may indeed be possible to house brains within bodies that are more equipped.

Or the brain can be augmented into an existing body, overriding some of the existing brain and combining the skills and thoughts of the minds within. My own mind has been transplanted in this way, lacking any willing test subjects.

All attempt to follow up with 'Dr.' Frey have been unable to discern where his broadcasts seem to be emanating from...