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Spooktober 2020 #29 - Body Horror spells

A danger when dealing with a vindictive WITCH or the shaman denizens of the MEAT MOON

Animate Skeleton - Animates skeleton to burst from flesh! Spend 1 Dice for each skeleton animating

Sacrifice Meat - Makes a corpse beg to be eaten

Boil Tissue - Cause flesh to bubble and pop

Bone to Putty - Causes bone to turn to moldable putty for a few moments

Enslave Muscle - Cause non-bound flesh to follow orders

Skin Sculpt - Temporarily mold someone's face into someone else's

Meat-sight - Enchant a chunk of meat to act as an extra eye

Fat Eruption - Burn up near-all your body fat at once in a giant inferno

Bulk Beef - Increase size and strength for a short time

Melt Sight - you do NOT want to know