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Spooktober 2020 #26 - The Undead Menagerie

Deep within the asteroid fields lies a derelict that may predate even the Exodus' arrival in the Void. Glowing green sigils adorn the obsidian black and hexagonal tiled walls. Great vaulted ceilings emit pale light, choked by tropical vines. The air is rank and humid, and small swarms of harmless bugs fly from one rotting carcass to another.

The undead haunt here, reanimated by an ancient necrologist. Holy water and silver will have no use here. These undead are no zombies of the past, but full flesh and blood creatures.

It is within these halls that the oldest enemy of humanity still remains, remnants of Old Earth and the terrors it once held. 

Once thought extinct after the great ice ages of the paleolithic, twisted sciences or dark magic have given graces back to the Dinosaurs once again. Containment for this experiment have long since failed.


A chunk of amber with a map contained within the DNA has been decoded by some corpo gene-hacker.

Though overrun with dinos and with failing systems, the power may still be restored, and the ship itself may be a greater prize than the Amber stave that is rumored to control the dinos. Or... the secret to their resurrection.

It may even help lead to the final location of the collection of strange Beasts and Long-ago wonders. A collection still at large in the vac.

The surrogate poly-skulls of the mad Lich-Doctor Chamson are waiting to be freed.