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Spooktober 2020 #3 - The Bloodmen of the Meat Moon

Somewhere in the void lies the striated surface of the dripping Meat Moon. Between the Barbed Grass Plains and the French Fry Pits (Tar-pits filled with grease) and the roiling oceans of amniotic fluid, it is not a pleasant place to find yourself. Tumoir fieldsBut for the brash and desperate, there is a reason to come here. The Stem Cell Derrick Pumps produce a principle ingredient for gene mods. 

Corporate scientists believe that it may be rift to the meat space. Attempts to imbue someone with the regeneration of the meat have been met with failure.

Bloodmen: Those who have spent to long on the surface of the Meat Moon. Skin long since sloughed off from the latent regeneration and radiation on the surface of the Meat. Their lack of skin leads to constant, wracking pain, but they have been blessed with the regeneration of the Meat itself. They act as unknowing antibodies, murdering interlopers to flay their skin, but in the process keep the Meat safe. 

They are led by the 3 Tumor Matrons, those who have been on the Meat the longest and have merged with one of the creatures of the Meat.


Bloodman - 3 Hits. Regenerates when feeding on meat. Grows stronger when bathes in blood

Tumor Matrons - 5 Hits. Regenerates when touching meat. Can eviscerate herself to feed Bloodmen and bestow regeneration on others who feast her 'tasty' tumors.