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Spooktober 2020 #1 - The Memoir Maze

The Memoir Maze - "Relive your Glory Days!"

An old Earth VR Memory experiment gone very very wrong. 

Located on an out of the way amusement station.

Exterior looks like a amusement park maze with 3 levels. Interior starts as such, foam padded walls and pillars, but gradually gives way to memories of suburban sprawl and urban interiors. A non-Euclidean labyrinth. Gates to new areas lead further in, but may be behind any elevator, gate, cabinet, or even a well-placed gate. No indication that one is going the right way, except for a sense of descending deeper. 

Once used as a corporate prison/test dumpsite. Only a few leave from the entrance, they need the elevator to be brought down. No one has ever left the cheerfully lit exit.

A suburban sprawl of connected memories, the further one gets towards the exit, the stranger things become. Endless empty, gently winding streets begin to stretch further, never abating under the dull blue sky. There is no map, no people. No birds. Who is driving those cars? Where did that wind come from? Twisted fantasies and traumas long repressed taint the idyllic. Every monster creeping under the bed. Every imagined thing hiding in the bushes on the way home. Every recurring nightmare finds its way into the darker layers of the Maze.

Those who have spent too much time in the depths have come to be known as HOLLOWS. The Maze has sapped away their memories and added their bodies to the construct. They are the only people who remain in the Depths. Upper level locals say they are the ones who have made it to the bottom level.

It is said the end of the labyrinth contains the elevator to the exit. But also the collected and recorded memories of anyone who has ever entered the maze. Some know that people appear deeper in the maze as well, a chance to resurrect the lost? Valuable information for sure in the hands of the right Corp.