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Spooktober 2020 #24 - The Shift or The Fountain of Youth

A cave located in an asteroid far out in the Vac, location unknown.

A small outcropping that leads deep into the surface of the good old Moon.

A series of caverns located somewhere north-west of the Alamo on old Earth.

A static mouth on the Meat Moon, toothless and gaping wide with tongues lolled upward.

All of these places have one thing in common. They lead to the same cave, known as the Shift. The water flows differently here. A steady trickle upwards, pooling on the surface of a central pool. Time flows just as strangely, moving significantly slower. Old Earth Conquistadors fight it out with Cowboys and Ancient Egyptians. Bloodmen and Moon-bats fight for blood.

A minute spent here is the same as a year in realtime. But the many entrances of the cave lead many to attempt to use it as a fast transit system (albeit unsuccessfully). Theorized to be a bastion of the Great Death of the Universe, colonizers could last out the Heat Death.

A curious property is that digital devices seem to function in realtime despite the shift of organic entities. Robotic devices move in realtime, existing in both timescales in an unknown manner. This is how most information is known, camera cables connected to computers near the entrance of the caves. Though such information is only truly known by those in the cave now.

Located somewhere within the caves is said the lie the Fountain. The true source of eternal youth. The essence of the Cave distilled over eons. All the water in the caves can bring the recent dead back to life or heal any wounds sustained. All but severed limbs can be healed by the waters.

Who knows how many universal iterations this place has survived. Or where the deepest depths lead to.