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Spooktober 2020 #10 - SPELL Gauntlet

Most everyone lacks the capability to be a psion, harnessing the energy of their mind to shape the world around them. For everyone else there are SPELL Gauntlets. A sub-dermal cyber enhancement, these 'gauntlets' are attached to the nerve endings and wired to the heart (not the HEART_). 

Triggered by a gesture or phrase and generated by siphoning energy and literal brain power, installed emitters can generate a wide range of effects, from bursts of fire / cryo fuel / electricity / acid to creating a floating disk or generating an illusory image.

Coupled with an external battery pack or a magnifying gauntlet, even the frailest can cast truly devastating spells.

Of course the highly invasive procedure has left many dead on the operating table, so most opt for a true GAUNTLET instead, forsaking highly volatile knuckles for a tape deck and built-in power supply. As a result, only the toughest and most Resilient have internal Gauntlets, making them excellent in areas that require holdout weaponry. Like most Stations.