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Spooktober 2020 #18 - 'Gangs' of the Outer Reaches

Wire heads - Heads/skulls attached to tentacles made of wires. Post-humanists who insist octopi are the final stage of evolution. Believe in the Golden Amputation to purge grotesque humanity.

Looks: Skulls (metal, organic, plastic), wirey tentacles w/ nozzles and grippers at the ends, cloaking device or ink sprayer

"Face emerging from a hood is only antennae, and as the cloak falls, you see only wires pretending to be limbs as the briefcase flies into the air..."

Vent Stalker or Venters - Sorority of scavengers/hunters founded in the vents of an OMet station. Crafty and techy.

Looks: skulls, bones, cobbled together cyber-ware, bits of scrap, hoods, capes, and shawls, exposed midriffs

"A concubine sniper, perched at the end of a plaza. She exhales before firing a shot, and slipping back into the vents.

Lagooners - Horrible mutants derived from a failed super-soldier process. Loyal to the Executive, remarkably friendly, but suited to hard life. Not related to the Bloodmen, despite appearances.

Looks: Three arms, tentacle legs, absolutely no skin, pitch-dark eyes, glowing pustules close to bursting, razor sharp teeth

"The shape poked its head out of the water, a disgusting mix of sewage and chemical runoff. 'Oh hey! Are you a customer', it asked as the full seven feet of her unfolded out of the muck."


Absolutes - Scouts suited to frozen moons and overrun cryo-ships. Modded to survive in all but the coldest  temps

Looks: animal furs, glowing radiators, thick boots, hoods, glowing snow-googles, fur-lined hoods, blue skin, scrimshawed bones, tiny metal booze barrels

"The figure emerges again, carrying three bandits on a sled. He hefts them onto the bar as the bar-bot forks over the bounty. Without a word he downs an ale and leaves"

Tiki-techs - Techies with a fascination with tiki aesthetics.

Looks: Glowing cyberware, animal print coverings, faux wood large-face masks, brightly painted armor, scales/feathers patterns, faux wood/bamboo styling on accessories

"Look, I'll level with ya. Its basically just a bunch of people playing rain-forest cafe in an internet cafe."

Abyss Walkers - Retro-punks trying to make it at the whole salvage thing. Clad in their diving suits, they're usually the first to a wreck. They never run life support on their ships, they wear their 'dive'-suits constantly.

Looks: Clunky diving suit inspired vac-suits, chunky knitted sweaters, rubber boots and gaiters, beards and cravats, harpoons, cyber eyes, extra lungs

"The bell shot out of the ship, remoraing itself onto the derelict. The faint glow of plasma cutters could be seen even through the metal"

Helium Drinkers - Stoned out filament heads in orbit around the only gas giant. Some say the helium has given them second sight

Looks: Glowing halo, luminescent tattoos, cloudy eyes, tie-dye robes and rags, dreads, float just off the ground

"You're not with The Man are you?"