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Spooktober 2020 #9 - Failed Startup Strata

Inspired by Going Under, here are some vague notions of failed start-ups filled with themed environments and mutant denizens.

CyberTower: AI / ML Analytics to learn a language

  • Robots and cyborgs, living graphs, computer glitches / memetic viruses, Huge cannibal in an Owl costume, clones with mouths sown shut and brains controlled,
  • Server rooms, clean-rooms, abandoned mainframe storage, vaguely Mesopotamian themed around the tower of Babble
  • Graphs, room-based task-lists, mind-control, messing with the controls for clones and robotics

Cash Chat: Messenger App w/ payments / crowdfunding and competitions (close those rings!)

  • Drug dealing vampires, Product Mimics, giant mosquitoes / leeches, cross-fit obsessed mutants, banker zombies
  • Apple store, but cheaply made and with flaking paint. Tents settlements as everyone tries to crowdfund each other. Athletic equipment to prove who is most worthy
  • Weird gadgets (v. fragile), strange drugs with odd effects (steroids!), strange messages appearing on walls (some helpful), level/strength or cash drain, massive piles of fake money

Image-1st: Make-up / Skin care and Social Media 

  • Medusa, Angels/Cherubs, Doppelgangers, Chameleons, Tribes of Natural Beauty vs Tribes of Obtained/Altered Beauty (Makeup/Surgery) vs Goddess of Love and their acolytes. 
  • Lots of fountains and mirrors, palatial, vaguely heavenly. Unused Yoga mats everywhere
  • Saunas, trick mirror rooms (one way mirrors, mirrored rooms with things missing, things that appear only in mirrors), animated statues, charm effects