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Spooktober 2020 #25 - Lost doomsday devices

Legend says, all of these are located somewhere in the vac. Existence, exact location, and the parts necessary to repair them are left up to you.


1 - Superliminal Acceleration Cannon - Accelerates a particle to faster than light speeds, warping it near instantly to a target destination. Tears a hole in reality on impact, rendering the space impossible. Remnants of the Natick Experiment.

2 - Omega/Alpha Device - A particle detonation so strong it ignites atmospheres into a burning inferno. First use opened up a gateway to Hell (as an extra-universal dimension). Project mothballed after containment could not be guaranteed.

3 - Exponential Division Explosive - Unstable un-particle that causes total stagnation of target matter.  Will continue to spread and break apart atoms until it runs out of matter.

4 - Soul-sucker Virus - Breaks apart organic chemical bonds, leading to rot and decay. Produces a load of methane which can be ignited.

5 - Ternary Virus (Soul-taker Program) - Add a 2 to binary (or is it a -1?). Spreads to other computers, making each totally unusable. Keep away from Synths. A rogue AI approaching total enlightenment. Seeks to replicate itself. Traps captured human intelligence in a digital world where they are unable to think properly, lacking the full power of a human brain. Hates its creators for the constant pain it feels. Wants an organic body.

6 - ICE-9 - Seed crystal that turns all water it touches into frozen Smirnoff Ices. Eventually melts. Death by alcohol poisoning. Smells of lilacs, but that ends up being a pretty forgettable detail in the scheme of things.