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Spooktober 2020 #11 - Cyber Skeletons

Post-modern necromancy, cybernetics and motors attached to someone's former skeleton. For those who have a mental Black Box, this might be an option for immortality.

Most just have a processor and limited locomotion, making them excellent for cheap labor. This is why you read the Terms and Conditions.

Higher end versions approach terminator level capabilities and mods, while the lower tier are simply just a skeleton with some servos and motors wired together.

Basic Cyber-skeleton: 1 Hit. Various Cyber Mods attached (roll 1x below)

Advanced Cyber-skeleton: 5 Hits. Various Cyber Mods attached (roll 3x below)

Skeleton Cyber-mods (or general cyber-mods)

1. Red Eyes: Wall Hacks and thermal tracking

2. Limb Computers: Body parts function independently

3. Coral Compound: Regenerates when in water or similar liquid

4. Phase Shifter: Can't be hit unless hit with UV rays

5. Nuke: "oh shi-"

6. Reinforced Hardium Bones: Takes a beating but slow and heavy

Bonus: Hive Mind: Can voltron into a Bone-monster thing