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Spooktober 2020 #6 - The Black Spot

The Black Spot, scourge of teamsters and spacers across the vac. Believed to be a localized form of black rot (necrotizes limbs, slowly spreads to the HEART). Anyone who spends a significant time within the vac is at risk of developing the Spot, though there does seem to be a link between those who travel to the Outer Reaches.

The Spot is certainly a death sentence if left untreated. It acts as a beacon for the Maw, the near-mythical creature that has laid waste to countless ships. Ships that do return speak of only unending blackness and the massive bites taken out of their ships. Shipwrights never seem to be able to explain the constriction marks that wrap around the ships either.

The only protection? Amputation. Luckily, the cyber-mods mean only the most down on their luck must resort to classic hooks or peg legs of years past.