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Spooktober 2020 #17 - Executive Immortality

Everyone knows corporate execs don't die. Most of what follows is rumor and speculation among those who want a slice of the pie for themselves. Most of what follows is true, while nearly all of it is wrong.

Some transfer their consciousness to a black box and upload it to a synthetic body. Others use chipped clones and hot swap as needed. Others rig their HEARTS_ to ignore aging. 

The most insidious process is used by those with genetic diseases, cancer, bit rot, or other incurable ailments. Or those without regard for human life. 

Through some electromagnetic processes, similar to an old-school MRI, the neural processes can be copied, transferred, and written from one brain to another. Over-writing the brain of the original consciousness, the exec gets access to a brand new body. Top of the line aesthetics and athleticism in a organic package, not like those boring synth bodies.

Unfortunately the adjustment process takes about a month for the first overwrite. The body needs to relearn how to adjust to a new body. This has been observed to shorten down to hours after a dozen swaps, though it depends on the subject.

The more unfortunate side-effects come from the need to take a pill once every 12 hours for a year following the procedure. Failure to do so results in the steady re-emergence of the old personality over the course of a fortnight.

The ultra-rich have access to personal clones that they can overwrite potentially gaining new knowledge as they jump.