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Spooktober 2020 #16 - The Golden Horde

Even the most vaguely piratical wannabes need a treasure fleet to sack. For those among the Void, this is the Corporate Authority's Golden Horde. A veritable armada of golden ships loaded with the plentiful raw materials and servers filled to the brim with crypto and credit hordes. This is the vault of the digital bank that governs most of the void, even the furthest parts of the Outer Reaches.

The valuable ships of the Horde are few, between 4-6 depending on the "season." The true bulk of the Horde are the fighters, carriers, destroyers and other protective ships, used to repel any fleet. This is the main fleet of the Authority, though only small detachments break off to complete smaller missions. 

No one has attempted to loot the Horde in nearly 70 years. At least publicly. The last successful voyage was 130 cycles ago, committed by Captain Avery "Whiteflint" Jennings. His foundation and continued rule of the pirate station-battleship-haven Fortune's Hold on a stolen Authority ship are a good indicator of the wealth of his haul. That and the solid platinum cybernetics he's adorned himself with.