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Spooktober 2020 #12 - Clones

With the exception of the fresh arrivals who wind up in the Void, the vast majority of the population are clones of the original DNA Embryos contained on the Exodus (the first known ship to arrive in the Void). A variety of different biological profiles are on offer to produce a varied population. Each profile is applied to the base Clone to produce a fairly unique individual. Appearance is tailored to prospective parents. Efforts to create a 'better' human have proved mixed results. Most gene tailoring comes with a cost. Strength for speed, intelligence for laziness, morality for lower corporate spending.

In an effort to keep populations on the stations tenable, the Corps place strict limits on natural births, though rumors of sterilization run rampant in the Outer Reaches and Lower Decks of the Orbital Stations.

Adoption is the norm, new parents find a pre-made or request a custom-made clone. New arrivals are encouraged to donate DNA to contribute to the Clone banks to widen the possible genetic templates that can be applied.

Or the clones could just get some cyber-mods. Or some bio-mods. Or touch some weird goo and end up with a weird mutation.

And so, each Clone is born anew, totally and completely 'unique' from all of the others. Medicine is much easier when you only have to worry about the same patient. If only they could get the brain chips working...

3d6 Clone Templates (Roll 1, then choose an additional Positive trait, Cyber-mod, or Mutation)

03: Smart but Greedy

04: Fast but Arrogant

05: Smooth but Addictive Personality

06: Handsome but Gluttonous

07: Hard-working but Fragile

08: Strong but Slow

09: Durable but Dumb

10: Intelligent but Abrasive

11: Nice but Dumb

12: Brave but Loyal

13: Clever but Jealous

14: Genuine but Vain

15: Self-confident but Grumpy

16: Wise but Volatile

17: Acrobatic but Macho

18: Graceful but Morbid