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Spooktober 2020 #22 - Starslugger Hangar

Kinda based off of this map

A bit of a first draft, but probably runnable 

Find this:

Dave Miragliotta on Artstation

Starslugger Hangar

On the surface of a heavily jungled moon sits a bunker abandoned since the middle of the 2nd Corporate War. A data-map has emerged leading to its exact location inside the Hydra field. Inside the bunker: prototype bomb stored and prepared since the war. Want to pay off your debt? Go get it.

Features: Rogue Military Kill-Bots! The deadly SLUGDOG (Sonicanis unoculus) and its Kits. Green Explosions!



01 - Hangar Exterior
    - 02
    - Crashed shuttle, covered in vines, entrance to the Hangar (02) through blast doors
    - Rusted and dented auto-turrets beep loudly, before taking aim and attempting to fire their empty clips

02 - Main Hangar
    - 01 / 03 / 04 / 07 (?)
    - Empty fuel drums, half-crushed and gnawed on
    - Several half-crushed fighters underneath shuttle
    - 1 Intact Fighter clamped up near ceiling (Lowered from inside 03)
    - Door to Intelligence Office (03) barricaded on this side. Warns of out of control Kill-droid.
    - Machinery on right side hides path to Hive Bone Pit (07)
    - Gantry on left leads up to Intelligence Office

03 - Intelligence Office
    - 02 / 11
    - Chunky Monitors, PDA tablets covered in math and orders
    - Flight control and docking clamp activation to lower Fighters from ceiling
    - Holo map of surrounding space, downloadable to a PDA

04 - Fighter Repair Bay
    - 02 / 05
    - Fighters parked and lifted up on struts. Spare parts litter the floors and shelves.
    - Voice yells at anyone it can hear from one of the cockpits. One of the pilots/techs uploaded themselves to a fighter's computer. Wants to get out. Hates the "buzzy wolves"

05 - Converted Cave
    - 04 / 06 / 07
    - Thick wires criss-cross the floor. Flickering work lamps strung from ceiling. Fusion generator hums to the north
    - Roller-runner goals set up at the ends, flanked by a makeshift bar with fuel canister stools
    - Slugdog corpses around and in empty cages with bent bars. Stomachs have erupted outwards

06 - Hexa-Hydrogen Fuel Pools
    - 05 / 09 / 13 / 12
    - Thick, choking gas fumes. Pale yellow glow from pools. Darkness hides ceiling.
    - Hidden geyser tube leads upward to surface.
    - Pools bubble and sputter. Highly volatile and flammable. Super caustic. Requires special containers or slugdog matron somtach to be moved.

07 - Hive Bone-pit
    - 02 / 05 / 08
    - Piles of gnawed scrap. Swarms of flies around half-digested carcasses. Floor crunches with passed bones
    - Sleeping Ptero-wasps huddled around fibrous eggsacs
    - Pit filled with crusted bile. Up to 50 Colony Red Casino poker-chips can be found among old scraps (valued up to $10k at the remote casino)

08 - Slugdog Matron Den
    - 07 / 09
    - Elephant-sized nest of sticks and gravel dug into the ground. Egg clutches sit in the periphery. Acrid stench of dissolved organic matter
    - 3 in 6 chance the matron is asleep, otherwise 2 in 6 she is elsewhere (Bonepit, Storage Racks, or Outside the Hangar)
    - Welted lugdog bodies and destroyed ptero-wasp nests surround the nest

09 - Cavernous Storage Racks
    - 06 / 08 / 10
    - Large circluar door, blast proof leads to Prototype Bomb Vault (10)
    - Computer to one side, hackable (slowly) or CODES in Intelligence Office (03)
    - Empty and gnawed metal shelving
    - Porno mags stashed in an ammo crate
    - Fenced-off locked cage with several guns and ammunition

10 - Prototype bomb Vault
    - 09
    - 1d6 Proton Warheads (as cruise missile) sitting in racks
    - Table with 2x glowing green Plasmic Coil Nukes
    - Several Grenades and Scraps to build up to 2 more PC-Nukes (takes time/loud, equipment to fragile to move)

11 - Barracks / Mess Hall
    - 03 / 12
    - Toppled tables, skeletons on floor with limbs blown off or reaching for doors, whistling from vents above
    - Foot lockers and bunks shoved to one half, tables and mess on the other half
    - Mess hall has packaged food in the back, foot lockers contain personal effects and rotting uniforms

12 - Command Room
    - 11 / 06
    - Hermetically Sealed Door leads into Hydrogen Fuel Pools (06)
    - Frosted Glass Door to Barracks / Mess Hall (11)
    - Desk scattered with documents, Monitor w/ Black Ops Documents unlocked on Desk
    - Pistol gripped by skeleton slumped in spartan chair, other hand is a bottle of Luxury Chareau, only a swig taken
    - Safe hidden behind painting on wall, contains 1 Hardium Bar and Note on kill-droid betrayal

13 - Geyser Exterior
    - 06
    - Shaft leads down to Hydrogen Fuel Pools (06)
    - Slippery rock, long fall into noxious and flammable Fuel
    - Sounds of buzzing below


1 - Slugdog limps along, teeth bared. after 1 hit bursts into 1d2+1 ravenous ptero-wasps
2 - Cybernetic skeleton w/o legs drags itself closer
3 - 1d3 Slugdogs tearing apart 1 ptero-wasp

Replace Encounters as these are found
- Kill-droid stalks, twin laser-gats spinning in the gloom
- Slugdog Matron slinks throug the shadows. Hungry



Kill-droid - 12 Hits. Clunky but fast. Programmed to kill. Razor arms and beam emitter head. Stalks rooms 03/11/12 until unleashed
Cyber-bot - 2 Hits. Out of date mil-spec killbot. Slow. Head and heart must be hit to stop it.

Slugdog Matron - 4 Hits. As Slugdog + Stomach can hold Hexa-Hydrogen Fuel. Emit sound shock wave that can break stone into dust w/ harmonized frequencies.
Slugdog - 2 Hits. Acidic bile spit. Sonic burst when in a group.

Mutated giant ptero-wasps - 2 Hits. Very fast, erratic flight pattern, with a toxic sting. Venom makes good booze