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Spooktober 2020 #8 - Flayers

While the Bloodmen are created on the Meat Moon, the Flayers take to the skies. Virtually identical to the Bloodmen, they have a ship and have managed to escape off world. Cannibalistic and hungry, they seek out frontier stations and less protected ships. Although they lose some of their regenerative abilities as they travel, the ferocity at which they attack once they board a ship is enough to send even an Authority Marine into a 'tactical' retreat.

Luckily, Flayer ships are often ramshackle affairs, bolted together through prizes taken and rarely dry docked. Still, a few are notorious for their speed and construction, vicious in their search for food. 

Whispers of a power behind these adept crews have been growing as skilled attacks become more frequent. A single survivor whispers of a powerful shaman who bound the brains of captures together to increase the abilities of the crew, sharpen their minds to a flagellant clarity. In even more hushed tones he'll tell people of the strange coils that made up her arms and the shapes moving beneath her hood. 

The Authority continues to deny any emerging Flayer threat that could threaten life on the stations. 

Flayer - 2 Hits. Grows stronger when bathes in blood. Fearless. Regenerates when feeding on Flayers