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Mothership-esque Pack Tables

Junk in the Pack (1d6 to 4d6)
1. Hot-wired Access Card, last use
2. Vac-suit, punctured
3. Bottle of Vodka, half-filled
4. Mob Hardy "Sugary Relaxed" floppy tape
5. Floppy disk
6. Duct tape, sticky, silver
7. Tape recorder
8. Smoke bomb
9. Fistful of assorted guitar picks
10. Brass knuckles
11. One pound of rock salt
12. Blood diamond, stolen and chipped
13. Poker chip, souvenir
14. USB to BCI Cable
15. Bio-metrics scanner
16. Camcorder, analog
17. Frozen liver
18. Box of Double Solitaire Cards
19. Bungee cord
20. PDA printer attachment
21. Rubik's cube, faded
22. Board of Finance members' business cards
23. One full pack of Maximum Drag cigarettes
24. "Three Wheelers, #3" by White, floppy tape

Practical items in the pack
1. Blue tarp, creased
2. PetroChem Battery, half-charged
3. Pipe wrench, red
4. Nail gun w/ 1d6 starship-grade nail
5. Welding Mask, hotrod paintjob
6. Oxygen Condenser
7. Hand-cranked distress beacon
8. Assorted drill bits and battery
9. ROM Cartridge overwrite burner
10. Air filter
11. Assorted vitamins
12. High calorie protein paste