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Dicember 2021 #1 - #3

Sharing the first 3 days of Dicember '21 before work and life got busy. These are more setting focused rambles. Bits are redacted for your sanity (or customization if you like). Hope you enjoy and Happy holidays!

1 - Bone bullets

Pale white, pistol grade ammunition. Mass-produced from the knuckle bones of those accused and hanged for sedition towards the Republic. Each is an identical .45 caliber round, showing the typical marks of bullet manufacture and stamped with the symbol of the High Witches. Contain no traces of gunpowder, but fire by means of [redacted]. Several caches have been discovered on [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted]; though the exact means and location of their manufacture remain unknown. A full magazine is colloquially defined as being equivalent to the standard 28 knuckle-bones present in the human body.

Produced for their psychological effects on the battle field. Each bullet acts as a normal bullet in firing and impact to a target. Each bullet that hits a target and comes into contact with blood triggers its primary effect. On total exsanguination or death the target's remaining viscera erupts as a crimson spray of bullet shaped teeth, metacarpals, and metatarsals. The bones themselves are left behind, twisted into cruel weaponry. These are most often melee weapons such as swords or maces, but firearms or explosives are known to have formed when fired at expert sharpshooters or explosive teams. 

A full clip of twenty-eight is beyond priceless, but individual bullets or a finger's worth have been known to go for auction at [redacted] on occasion. The weapons however are highly sought after collector's items, with Ferdinand Van Vocce in possession of the largest known collection, containing a single rotary machine gun assembled over the course of the first decade of the Great War. 

2 - Diamond Dust

A meteorological event first witnessed by Francisca 'Ice Queen' Tagenet in [redacted]. Complex diamond prisms form through an unknown process and drift across the hypo-arctic surface of [redacted]. These prisms are highly valued in jewelry and the light refraction process needed for [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted] (as a high quality substitute). The De Vine Company retains a year-round presence defending and harvesting the Dust. They are known to be hostile to outside influence to a startlingly brutal and cruel degree. 

Of even higher value are the Diamond Spikes, larger forms from one to five feet suitable for heavy industrial applications. These form during the two week period surrounding the winter solstice, though they are only guaranteed every [redacted] years when the geothermal cycle of the region is at its coolest (caused by [redacted]'s efforts to control [redacted]). During Spike storms, an estimated [redacted] people have died by impaling, a far lower amount than typical of the lung infestation caused by inhaling dust (resulting in a condition known as Crystal Zombism).

3 - The Ravenous Fetus

Deep deep under the crust of [redacted] lies the last surviving experiment of the Order of Helical Ministrations, the ancient cult responsible for the Black Gene Plague. Surviving notes from the project indicate it was intended as a way to resurrect god and unify all of humanity in a single inter-connected mind. Needless to say, the experiment failed, and the 'Prophecized 13' never arrived. Required to kickstart the Birth of the Mind of God, these chosen few have yet to arrive, though repeated kidnappings by genetic cults through the ages have yet to trigger the awakening. 

Instead the humongous fetus awaits, dormant, slowly leeching life from humanity through a feeble but ever-present mental link. Although seemingly human biologically, apart from the scale, the subject appears to operate on a scale of time far different from that of humanity. The subject has not yet progressed past the first trimester, despite having been 'conceived' some [redacted] years ago. 

Efforts to weaponize the subject's mental link have met with failure, as any actions made by psionically inclined subjects affect large parts of humanity, an effect that has been classified as [redacted] Effect thanks to efforts of the Facility's PR Team. No efforts have been made as of yet to accelerate the natal timeline and so long as it remains under Facility control we expect this to continue.