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Gygax 75 - Week 1

I'm attempting the Gygax 75! We'll see if I get through five weeks (hopefully).I'll be focusing on expanding out on my Flint and Fang setting of Diskoh here a bit. Week 1 will be a bit of a rehash of old content as I focus the setting a little bit to create the base. As a bonus though: at the end I'll have links to stuff that's easily converted over to a gonzo dying earth setting.

Lets get started!

Task one: get a notebook.

Task the second: compile a collection of pitches that  sell the world and tell players what to expect.

Task three: create an annotated bibliography of sources and why you like each source.


Task 1: The Notebook

This blog and the github repositories I use to store my writings for personal use. Easy.

Task 2: The Pitch

  • Stone age barbarians explore the remnants of all history at the psychedelic end of time!
  • A Flint and Fang world with elements of gonzo science-fantasy.
  • Water and food are precious. Metal doesn't exist. Your life is cheap.
  • Everyone can use their blood to power the long-ago SPELLs that have been recompiled.
  • Everyone's a human, but cybernetics and strange mutations are common.
  • Walled city states are ruled by SORCERER-KINGS who control the water supply.
  • This is a WEIRD place. Expect dinosaurs, robots, and crystals that can talk.

Task 3: The Sources

  • Stone Age civilizations c. 100k BCE to 5000 BCE
  • Adventure Time (by Pendleton Ward) - Weird environments set in a ruined world. Candy people and malfunctioning robots. A city made of goo.
  • Primal (Genndy Tartakovsky) - Lush backdrops and viscious monsters. Zombie dinosaurs to giant bat demons. A caveman and T-rex team up over shared loss. Excellent vibe for theming adventures similar to sword and sorcery (but its FLINT and FANG here).
  • Far Cry: Primal (by Ubisoft) - Good factions. Stark brutality amidst untouched wilderness, both from humans and animals. Mystical/magical bits are interesting and cool. Good visual examples for both dress and weapons. 
  • Elderborn (by Hyperstrange) - Great aesthetics of ruin on this one. A ruined city filled with immortals who can't die. Great detail on weapons and enemies, cool lore to steal for dungeons and such. Good visuals for gore, weapons, and city-state visuals. Plus could make a good dungeon on its own. Has some gonzo elements.
  • Far Cry: Blood Dragon's OST (by Power Glove) - For the m o o d. Dark, ambient music that rides the line between heavy metal and lighter synthwave stuff, or more traditional science fantasy and cyberpunk aesthetics, both areas I want to try to emulate. Adventure and weirdness from the former and technology and bleakness for the latter.
  • Black Sands (by imminentdemonengine) & Dark Sun (TSR/WoTC) - A barren wasteland devoid of water with blood magic and heavy sword and sorcery elements. Effectively part of the base of this setting. 

Task Extra Credit: The Mood-board

I have a reference folder of images, but here's a few evocative ones:

Halil Ural

Klaudia Bezak

Michelle Leffler

MiloŇ° Radojkić

Mohammad Yousefi

Nicolas Gekko

Pavel Vophira

Some content that can fit in this weird undying land (more or less):

That's all for Week 1! Next week: mapping a region!