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Mostly gameable SCPs: 301-400

Just more SCPs. See this post for more

SCP-303 - The thing behind the door
SCP-308 - sarcophagus that revives anyone with an intact heart. does not heal wounds and prevents any wounds from healing. need original heart
SCP-319 - Doorway to a lower energy space, joined by several anomalous crystals
SCP-323 - Deer skull that possesses its wearer with the spirit of a wendigo
SCP-324 - shrub that produces berries that give you wrong memories. memories of those who have died within distance of the shrub
SCP-326 - woman augmented to be a deadly killing machine by the People's Republic
SCP-327 - manatee with the ability to make ocean life grow and live better
SCP-329 - Cancer cult and room which 'trains' and creates tumors within people
SCP-252 - Superstrong cannibal babushka
SCP-353 - Typhoid Mary. Goes by 'Vector'
SCP-354 - Strange pool of blood. Creatures emerge from it regularly
SCP-355 - Carnivourous grass
SCP-360 - The hidden ritual to ascend
SCP-361 - HarusCo brand divination liver. connects you with the god of your choice! (only works with true believers)
SCP-365 - Pool noodle that traps people in a plane of endless water
SCP-371 - Giant (relatively) marine viruses
SCP-377 - Fortune cookies
SCP-378 - Friendly mind-control worm
SCP-379 - Computer love potion
SCP-380 - Wi-fi router that connects to nearby biological entities
SCP-383 - Influenza strain that converts infectee's biomass into useful materials (takes damage)
SCP-385 - Personal anti-gravity harness