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Spooktober 2020 #31 - Humanist Horror

Take all the best parts of humans, and amp them up to 11.

Human Horror (or basically the Pyramid Men)

A nameless terror stalks the halls. Created by humanity's (and really science's if we're being completely honest) hubris. Designed to excel at all that makes something human, but to perfect and enhance the advantages humans have in the world.

  • Superior temperature control: Can modulate internal temperature and grow of shed hair/fur at a whim. Does not sweat in low temperature environments
  • Advanced cognition: Never makes the same mistake twice
  • Cultural advantage: Can easily communicate information through touch or short range telepathy. Perfect communication leaves everything clear and exact
  • Information through domination: Gains knowledge through eating grey matter
  • Macgyverian tool-making and curation: Is capable of assembling advanced tools (firearms, explosives, simple computers) out of unrelated parts
  • Endurance athletes: Does not need to eat or sleep for over a week. Can sprint like humans walk.
  • Muscle Regeneration: Gets physically stronger by being hurt and recovering. Subject observed tearing off own arms and regenerating them to gain permanently increased strength
  • Taller: ...for some reason?
  • Functionally Immortal: Can revert itself back to the pupae stage when catastrophically injured. 

No physical description of this creature exists, though it is sterile, it should be treated with the highest caution. Can only be killed through the simple means of [ERROR: INFORMATION REDACTED]



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