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Spooktober 2020 #30 - The Legend of the Darkstar

Tales tell of a ship--maybe even the first ship to intentionally reach the Void--a fusion powered ship sent to the vac. No one remembers the meaning behind why that ship was sent, the only thing most folk remember is the name... the Darkstar.

In those days only a few small ships had arrived in the Void: space capsules, the Borealis, the first Martian mission. Ships with no more than a crew of 12 max. The Darkstar had a crew of 20, and room for 30 more. At their destination, on a ship intended to be self-sufficient, the Darkstar and their crew began to take on any of the Lost they found.

There are many tales of the Darkstar, the adventures they went on, the moons and planet-frags they explored. Some claim to find evidence of them from time to time. Those are stories for a lighter time. 

The Darkstar's end came just before the Collapse, when the Exodus arrived carrying those thousands of souls. A mutiny among those who had been offered salvation aboard the Darkstar caused damage to the reactor. 

Although the mutiny had been averted, the scientists aboard detected the great waves of the Collapse. Still loyal to their mission, the Captain ordered their crew to abandon ship to an unnamed moon. All but the most loyal officers remained. With the spin of the wheel and a flip of a switch, the proto-jump drive tore a hole in the Void, causing the energy of the Veil to slip through. 

In its place, the former crew-mates could watch in horror and amazement as the Veil-tear grew and grew, until it formed the star of the Void. But something about the void gave it a mysterious property. Shrouded from the void and imbued with the true energy of the Veil, the Darkstar is said to now be a black sun. 

Maybe you'll be the ones to find it.

A beacon of hope, the Darkstar is a story (mostly false) of the birth of the rumoured black sun, Darkstar. A nearly limitless supply of rumored ways to reach the DS all turn out to be false, though the skull faced tri-tailed comet is inexorably linked in these 'secret' ways (as the drunks who need cash for their next bottle will claim).

In other legends, the Darkstar never existed as a ship, though something similar did come through before the Exodus. It was the first to find the Darkstar (as a sun), though it never could find its way back.